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SolidPrint Europe SolidPrint Europe is a company specialized in the sales of patent free, high quality, ecologically friendly toners and cartridges. With 75 employees, the group has operations in Austria (Linz), Germany (Hamburg), France (Nice) and in the Netherlands (Rotterdam). The subsidiaries have served over 100,000 corporate customers across Europe. During 2012 SolidPrint’s ecommerce division,, will be launched. will serve the European B2B/B2C toner and cartridge markets which are are worth over € 18 Billion yearly.
For more information about SolidPrint, please visit the company's website at:

SolidPrint is located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Sixpack mobile applications BV is a fast growing and leading provider of mobile e-commerce solutions. Sixpack is focused exclusively on native mobile app development and supports the leading mobile platforms: Apple iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Google Android. Besides global distribution of our own apps for consumers, Sixpack helps organizations with innovative m-Commerce solutions. We use our unique m-Commerce framework to mobilize existing online shops with a branded native mobile app. Sixpack also offers a unique iPad retail order solution for B2B customers.
For more information about Sixpack, please visit the company's website at: or www.

Sixpack is located in Alphen aan den Rijn (near Amsterdam), The Netherlands.

Scense is the Netherlands’ fastest-growing provider of workspace management solutions. Scense has created a unique technology to configure in a dynamic way, ready to use Windows based applications and provision them in real-time, to personalized Workspaces (physical or virtual), whereby the personal settings will be applied wherever the users choose to work. All your IT management challenges are addressed whether they relate to virtual and physical desktops/laptops, application virtualization and delivery or the virtualization of user profiles. With Scense, end-users are empowered, but ultimate control remains firmly in the hands of the CIO.
For more information about Scense, please visit the company's website at: or call: +31 10 409 0999

Scense is located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Boostermedia provides mobile gaming solutions – portals, social games and advertising opportunities. We help game-sites and leading online media to effectively monetize traffic via mobile gaming destinations. Currently, BoosterMedia facilitates dozens of mobile gaming portals across Europe and abroad, many for leading media and international brands.

BoosterMedia has its own in-house Game Studio, developing casual and social games for app-stores as well as browser-based mobile game platforms. BoosterMedia was founded in 2009.

Boostermedia is located in the Dutch Game Garden, Utrecht, The Netherlands

BackupAgent BVis a fast growing vendor of cloud backup software. BackupAgent enables (Hosting) Service Providers, Telco's and Cloud Service Brokers to set up their own cloud backup service, powered by the BackupAgent Software Platform. These Partners resell the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) under their own brand to small and medium-sized companies, generating additional revenues for themselves while giving their customers a convenient and secure means of backing up their data.

From its inception in 2005 the company has grown to a leading company in the international cloud backup market, with 400+ partners in 50+ countries in all continents. The company's growth is guaranteed by developing a unique innovative solution and a successful partner model.

BackupAgent B.V. is located in Delft, The Netherlands.
Immidio Immidio is the inventor of profile management with its famous Flex Profiles solution. Continued development has resulted in Immidio Flex+, a mature workspace virtualization solution. Flex+ is simple to operate and scales seamlessly within existing environments because it does not require any backend infrastructure. More than 500 customers worldwide are using Flex+, several of which with 100K+ users implementations. Immidio Flex+ is by far the most affordable solution available

Immidio is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Mirror 42 delivers next-generation IT Intelligence Platform solutions. A fully web-based solution with a unique SOA based architecture allows customers to consolidate information from multiple IT management applications and analyze KPI and metric trends. The result is a set of Management Dashboards for CIO's, IT Managers and specialists available via a personal portal.

Mirror 42 is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Respectance B.V. is a Web 2.0 services company focusing on creating a social community around sharing memories for loved-ones. Respectance has developed a new service that allows people to easily create multimedia tributes: sharing personal photos, stories and memories; and generating downloadable videos that can be permanently cherished.

Respectance is headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

24access Solutions B.V. is a mobile software development company and creator of, todays fastest growing mobile photo and chat service. This mobile social community has more than 250.000 members and is built with in-house designed software components which operate device and network indepedendant.

24access was declared bankrupt on May 11, 2010
Avinity Systems B.V. offers a novel and disruptive approach to Internet TV that will enable new services for consumers and new revenue opportunities for digital TV operators and content providers. Avinity’s server-based solution brings rich media applications to any two-way digital set-top box.

Avinity is acquired by Active Video Networks on May 27, 2009

Avinity is located in Hilversum, The Netherlands

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