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“The Solid Ventures team was instrumental in helping completing the key management team and establishing KPI balanced score card driving the whole company forward.”
Philippe Moitroux, former President & CEO IT Masters.
"The Solid Ventures team has been a very active and committed partner, also during the tough periods. They helped us generate leads and close the first business deals The Netherlands. They were also instrumental at a critical point in convincing some other key investors to keep faith in the future of our company.”
Kristof de Spiegeleer, founder & CEO.
"What truly sets the Solid Ventures team apart from other VC's is their in-depth knowledge of the ITC industry combined with years of operational experience in running technology companies. I especially appreciate their no non-sense and practical approach to the business. At Augeo, they have been supporting us at every development stage of the Company, from opening their network when we were looking to hire new key executives to helping us review our KPI and corporate governance processes.“ Laurent Raynoud, CEO Augeo.
"The team at Solid Ventures always focused on adding value to the company. Among other things, they helped us hire key executives, helped us craft our strategy and acquire a couple of companies.“
Peter Michael Benninga, chairman of PeopleCube Waltham, MA.
“The Solid Ventures partners have pro-actively supported me in a challenging transition process in the beginning with their contacts in the USA, their ability to structure, negotiate and commit to the transaction in high speed. They have been instrumental in getting bank financing and have been supportive in our buy & build strategy.”
Paul Gelderloos, founder & CEO Scarlet.
“I choose the Solid Ventures team as my lead investor over other interested venture capitalists, because of their in-depth knowledge of our markets.”
Koen Bouwers, former CEO Consul.
“The Sold Ventures team helped internationalizing and further professionalizing our Company.”
Jérôme Ménière, chairman & founder of VisionIQ.
“The Solid Ventures team has intensely supported me as board member and shareholders in the participation in follow-on rounds to execute our buy & build strategy. They have also been instrumental in the successful sale to Centrica.”
Erik de Heus, CEO Oxxio.
“The Solid Ventures team has acted as a trusted coach during the turbelent times of turning around our business.”
Herman Oggel, CEO Dedigate.
“The partners of the Solid Ventures team have supported us financially and strategically from the start till the end in our spectacular growth from start-up to a public company.”
Gary Mesch, oprichter & voormalig CEO Versatel.
“I have worked with Solid Ventures team since 2001 in two businesses, and have greatly appreciated the support I received during that time. NeSBIC were very active during the follow on investment rounds I have been involved with, and also gave me, personally, excellent support during a difficult re-structuring operation."
Mike Goold, CFO Outsystems.
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