About us... 

SOLID VENTURES participates in young, innovative and fast-growing companies in the Netherlands.

The segments we focus on are Smart Mobility, Smart City, Digital and Sustainability.

Our vision is that there are good technology companies in the Netherlands that can break through with the right support, nationally and internationally. Solid Ventures brings together more than 100 years of entrepreneurial and investment experience in one team. We actively support the companies with lead generation, strategic partnerships , recruitment and international expansion. From start-up phase to phased growth with a unique added value. 

Founded in 2005, the Fund is built on a vast track record of successful participations: Mirror42 (ServiceNow), Immidio (VMWare), BackupAgent (Acronis), Scarlet (Belgacom), Versatel (NASDAQ/TELE2), Oxxio (Centrica/Eneco), ITMasters (BMC Software), DataCenterTechnologies (Symantec), Dedigate (Terremark/Verizon).

Solid Ventures is funded through a number of private investors with ICT / Media and Venture Capital experience.