Our Investment Criteria

Solid Ventures invests in innovative and fast-growing scale up companies. We focus on companies in the sectors digital, sustainable mobility, energy transition and smart city solutions. 

We look for companies that fit our vision, our expertise and experience. Besides, we look for the mutual click between investor and entrepreneur. Building a solid relationship is crucial in developing a company to the next level. Next to the personal aspect, we have clear investment criteria to determine our next investment. Please see our strict investment criteria below.

  • Minimum revenues of € 1M with minimum 50% annual growth
  • An excellent and experienced management team (with serial entrepreneurs)
  • Proven international B2B business model
  • Emerging high quality international corporate customer base
  • Funding requirement from €600K up to a maximum of € 2M
  • Minority share
  • Innovative and robust technology and products
  • Clear value proposition and 'go-to-market' strategy
  • The company should not be older than 7 years
  • Headquarters based in the Netherlands