About Us

Solid Ventures provides growth capital to tech companies based in the Netherlands. We focus on innovative and fast-growing scale up companies at the growth stage of development in the digital economy with a focus on the sectors energy transition, sustainable mobility and smart city solutions.

Our Focus

We team up with management and together, we develop the company to the next level. Our team exists of experienced investors, entrepreneurs and business builders. Thanks to our experience, we understand what it takes to build a company. We help finding the best people and the right strategic partners.

Our Approach

Our approach is building successful companies together with ambitious, experienced entrepreneurs by providing our capital, experience, network and technology and business knowledge to create internationally technology based companies. 

Our USPs

The Unique Selling Propositions of Solid Ventures towards other venture capitalists are:

  • Unmatched experience proven by a track record in over 100 investments, over 30 strategic exits and several initial public offerings.

  • Entrepreneurial speed of execution in deals and development.

  • Strong technology and experienced business knowledge as sounding board for entrepreneurs.

  • Valuable international network to expand portfolio companies rapidly.

  • Unrivalled focus on value creation by creating a clear investment exit road map.

  • Investment style based upon trust and respect for entrepreneurs.


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